6. Quick Submit Plugin

The QuickSubmit Plugin provides a one-step submission process, allowing journal editors to upload final versions of articles as PDF files ready to be scheduled for publication. This plugin makes it possible to bypass the peer review and copyediting stages.

To accesss the plugin from the side menu, click Tools > Import/Export.

Tools > Import/Export

Click on the QuickSubmit Plugin link from the list of available plugins:

Select the QuickSubmit Plugin link

The QuickSubmit form allows users to choose the section in which the article will appear and enter basic metadata for the article, such as title, subtitle, and abstract.

Fill out the QuickSubmit form with ariticle metadata

If the journal's article submission process requires any additional metadata, such as references or keywords, these will appear in the QuickSubmit form.

Next, add authors under the Add Contributors heading.

Add additional metadata and contributors

Upload the final PDF version of the article under the Galleys section.

Galleys section

Click Add galley, set the galley label to PDF, and click Save.

Set galley label to PDF

Select the Article Component and upload the final version of the article in PDF format.

Upload final PDF version

Review the details and click Complete.

To submit articles directly to the production stage, select Unpublished or to submit articles directly to the current issue, select Published.

Select unpublished or published

To compile articles into an issue and pubish that issue, see 1.6 Production and 1.7 Publication.

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